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In every age, the worst time is the time that people live in. For instance, in the history of Ancient Rome one could find numerous historians proclaiming it the worst age. But I doubt many think—at least not today—that the fall of Rome was, in fact, the worst time. And right now you will hear many preaching of this current century as being the worst. And it won’t just be preachers saying this. Many people will say this.
Although I won’t go as far as proclaiming this age (the 21st century) as the worst of all ages, I will say that this age is much different than any other age that has come before. It is possible that technology has made this most volatile for the individual. Dangers always exist for any society as whole. Wars will always exist, at least as long as there are footprints to be left by man. And yet, never before has an individual had access to trauma at all times.
The era of Internet news, and other various mediums has allowed for a constant overload of bad times for an individual’s mind. At all times one can find a story detailing a mother eating her children, or a person shooting another, or even still a threat of nuclear warfare or a possible act terrorism. Always, we are barraged with host of terrible sights. And thanks to Television and the Internet we can watch these terrible sights over and over again.
Breakdown is a tree that grows in every age and in every environment, and it doesn’t need water to prosper.
These days, it is hard to look into someone’s eyes and not question if they might kill you. Somehow the increased ability to connect with others around the world has led to, perhaps like never before, a growing impersonality.