Is Truth the Final Taboo?

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Taboo in the News
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Yes. The answer to the above  question is yes (and also no, of course). Though I’m certain it will take more dialogue on the reason behind this answer. Nevertheless, truth is most certainly taboo. And perhaps it is the one taboo that may never fall. Bits of truth might appear, but I think it is possible to say that we’ll never shuck many truths of their falsehoods. That is, in part, why the yes and no answer make the most sense.

For instance, a recent article on by Dan Hanzus discusses the controversy that may exist for having two starting Quarterbacks on the same team: Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.  Without focusing much time on the battle for the starting Quarterback job, I find it interesting that Hanzus claims that a “taboo-viewpoint” may exist when other teammates or coaches are asked about the situation. This seems to say, that discussing the truth of the situation is, possibly for lack of a better word, off limits. Or at the very least, the media/players/coaches may make this seem the case, almost will it to be the case. A subject that will be touched upon, asked about, but always tied to avoidance.

Go here to read the article: 

Anyway, this article made me wonder if not all taboo is universal in its appeal? Its appeal is to hide the truth. Going back to homosexuality, there seems to be a link between keeping people in the “closet” and refraining from allowing them to “come out” and thus show the truth.

Although this is a simplified reason behind some of the taboo of homosexuality, I think it is important to think about the issue of truth (more particularly hiding the truth) and taboo.

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