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Breastfeeding and Taboo

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Taboo in the News

Today, I decided to do a Google news search on taboo. One of the first articles that came up was entitled “The last taboo” by Brynna Leslie.  The short article deals with breastfeeding, and more specifically the problems associated with it, or rather why Leslie “hates breastfeeding”.

Although the rest of the article goes on to explain the reasons why she dislikes breastfeeding, it was the first few sentences of the article that led to reflection. Leslie doesn’t say that breastfeeding is taboo, but instead that telling the truth that she hates breastfeeding is taboo: “I hate breastfeeding. There you have it: The one thing you’re not allowed to say in our culture.”

Once again, the taboo here is not really about breastfeeding. The true taboo is about the truth. Could we be moving toward a society that hates truth? Are we becoming plastic in more than just a physical way?

Here’s a link to the article: