Pope Francis: Almost The Right Choice?

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Taboo in the News
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Today, the Catholic Church announced Pope Benedict’s successor: a Jesuit that will take the name Pope Francis. Still, the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI might say more about the future of the religion than the announcement of its newest spiritual leader. Hopefully the fervor that has been created by this introduction will not take the Catholic Church away from the sweeping reforms that it must accept in order to survive this technological age. In the religious world the election of a Jesuit is seen as a major deal, but for the average person it could be argued that this is nothing different, just another 70+ year old man replacing another 70+ year old man.

Taboo asks these questions:

  1. Why aren’t women yet voting for the election of new popes?
  2. Why isn’t this newly elected pope a woman?
  3. When is the Vatican III Council? (Vatican II: 1962-1965)

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