There is almost no doubt that self-promotion can be viewed as taboo. Although promoting your work can be seen as irritating, it is also deemed as necessary in order to further yourself in the entertainment business. Publishers, agents, fans, companies want you to see their artists submerge the media until it becomes tiring to see images of that particular person. Sometimes the breaking of a taboo is easier when you just break it rather than try to side-step the breaking.

Here is a small attempt at chipping away at the taboo. My novel, The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows is currently available for free for a limited time on for the kindle edition.

The story focuses on a future world free of laws and taboos.

If you’re interested, get it here. (You can also purchase a paperback edition.)

Upcoming blogs on Taboo Artists include Prince, Ed Sheeran, and Robbie Williams.


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