Internet Friendships

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Taboo in the News
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were once taboo. And perhaps they still are to some extent. However, not only are more people finding friendships and intimate relationships online today, but in-person relationships are being strengthened by the use of technology from twitter to Facebook to Skype to email, blogs and literary journals. Even television commercials overflow with reasons to use the Internet. Of late, dating sites have become more and more prevalent.

The dangers of such connections will remain, but it is clear that more than just “perverts” frequent cyberspace. Those born in this age will use the Internet even more than the current generation. It seems likely that in the future most relationships will begin online as bookstores disappear, schools go cyber, and businesses do the same. Since so much of the world is moving online, it only makes sense for relationships to go there as well. Yet not even the future knows what new taboos the technological age will invent. Overall, the advantages may be equal to the disadvantages.

For another viewpoint on this topic read Lanni Solochek’s article here.


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