The Rise Of Auto-Tune: Singing Now Taboo?

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Taboo in the News
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There was a time when lip-synching was seen as an instant career killer in the music industry. The 90’s Milli Vanilli is a remembrance of this fact. They were a duo that not only didn’t sing live, but also didn’t sing on their album. They were forced to give back their Grammy after the latter was found out.

But who really sings on their albums in 2013? The unfortunate rise of Auto-Tune has, at least in popular music, made the answer to that question this: very few. In its simplest definition Auto-Tune is a device that puts a singer’s voice on autopilot so that they can sound like a computer rather than a human being, and sing without the imperfections of what makes a human voice pleasant to the ear. In other words, it allows those who cannot sing to sing better, albeit often this better is usually worse.

Auto-Tune essentially takes talent and work out of artistry. It aims to correct what needs no correction, and in the process makes all songs, all singers sound perfectly the same. It is one step below having computers sing songs.

In an age that is defined by individuality, it seems odd that the music industry is going toward conformity. Auto-Tune is yet another attempt by humans to alter nature, another attempt to distort reality. Perhaps soon we will realize that imperfection is the perfect state.


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