Taboo Artist # 4: Jake Emlyn

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Taboo Artists
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Jake Emlyn very well might be the next big thing in music. The London based rapper is more than just a rapper: Emlyn is the future of art, a musician able to “spit the sickest rap and then sing a freaking ballad.” His fashion sense reminds one of Prince meets Ziggy Stardust meets Lady Gaga, and yet his style remains very much his own, a mixture of Willy Wonka and Olivia Newton-John more than the former musicians. Emyln is androgyny itself, at times looking more feminine than masculine. Still, his lyrics are ultra-masculine, ultra-witty, ultra-futuristic, and ultra-sexual.

However, musically he is a fusion of rap, hip-hop, grime, electronica, and pop music with folksy melodic undertones.  So much of what makes Emlyn fascinating is his confidence, bi-polar style, and ability to put together quick, often intelligent rhymes while looking like “nobody that you know.”

You can download his 10-track EP Scandinavian Alien on his website

And you can check out many of his videos on youtube, such as “I Don’t Rap,” where he shows off his impressive rapping ability. Below is a live video of his song “Wonka Hath Landed.”



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