Taboo Artist # 5: Ed Sheeran (Ginger Jesus)

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Taboo Artists
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Even if he doesn’t appreciate the nickname, many call Ed Sheeran the Ginger Jesus for a reason. On stage he is a one-man band, using a loop pedal, his beat-boxing skills, and his guitar to put together full songs in a few moments. Rap, hip-hop, grime, and pop are all part of what he does. Sheeran has the ability to sing boy-band-esque-songs or even ballads that might make Damien Rice sad and then switch to a grimy rap that would make many rappers envious.

Sheeran plays the guitar exceptionally well, but it is his soulful vocals and rapping which have led to much of his popularity. No musical genre can accurately describe where Ed Sheeran should fit. Although he’s currently being thrown into the mess that is popular music today, Sheeran still has the ability to “make a new sound” if he listens to himself. Sheeran is an evolving lyricist with the potential to take his music to numerous places without ever feeling out of place in any of them. If his growth isn’t stunted by the music industry or bad decisions, we may be looking at one of the greats. Whereas many artists try to rap and sing, Sheeran actually goes beyond trying—he does it, and without of the help of autotune.

Music needs someone like Ed Sheeran to refuse to be labeled as a certain kind of artist; it needs someone to build a bridge between the mainstream and the so-called uncommercial. Only a fusion of the two will allow for the evolution of art. The instrument playing rap-singer is now the future, artists who feature themselves rather than others and computers.

Watch the two videos below (“Lately” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”) to see what Sheeran has to offer.


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