Chapter 8: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Novel: The Land Without Footprints
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Book description: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows is set in the Modern Middle Ages, the age after the ages of Earth, when humans inhabit a planet where, unbeknownst to them, the moons control every action. What remains of the Earth is confined to books. In fact, many have decided to live by the rules of those books once called fiction. But no fiction or reality rules over the Mystic. He rules by only two laws: obey his desires and obey your desires. His desires are twofold: virgins and immortality. However, the desires of his subjects are as wicked as ever known. But the Dagens, a family rooted in the old ways of society, cannot give into their desires. They cannot kill just to kill, hate just to hate, destroy just to destroy. Yet if society is to become what it once was, the Dagens must destroy freedom and place chains around those who no longer wish to be chained.

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8 – Jordan

“And what did you ask for?” Cassandra leaned across the bamboo-and- ivory table. Her voice could barely be heard over the noise of the party.

Horns, guitars, and violins echoed throughout the great hall. But even conversation overpowered music.

“I wished to be free of wishes,” Damyn said. He sipped wine until he had none left. Then poured another glass.

Cassandra rumpled her face, retreated back. “Why did you do that?” “Because I’m careful.” Damyn grinned.

“Because you’re stupid,” Cassandra said.

“How about it?” Bem fingered the scar down his face. Jordan didn’t know where the scar had come from, even though he was Bem’s best friend. “What would you have wished for, Cassandra?”

“Something better than nothing,” she said, smoothing out her black- and-white dress. Today she’d chosen to wear actual clothing rather than paint. And she had removed that ring from her finger. Yet still, she kept to the trend of braiding only one side of her hair.

A man clothed in nothing but a sock around his private parts jumped atop the table and ran the length of it. Behind him, kicking plates and glasses, chased a woman missing the top half of her outfit. Her breasts frogged up and down as she made her way across the table.

Cassandra twirled her untied hair around her finger. “What will you do with your wish, Brother?” she asked, and left before he gave an answer. Perhaps she’d spent too much time around Damyn.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Jordan took a coin out of his pocket, flicked it up into the air, caught it, and then flicked it up again. “I’ve never had a wish before.”

In midair Damyn snatched the coin and put it in his own pocket. “Make sure you wish for something that doesn’t exist,” he advised, and then excused himself from the table as well.

Bem rubbed at his scar as if he thought it would fade. His dark hair would turn silver first. “Cassandra looked pretty tonight, didn’t she?”

“Cassandra looked like Cassandra,” Jordan said. “How about it?”

  1. Alex says:

    “Her breasts frogged up and down as she…”

    Ha! I like the use of frog as a verb here. Very creative 🙂

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