Chapter 12: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Novel: The Land Without Footprints
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Book description: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows is set in the Modern Middle Ages, the age after the ages of Earth, when humans inhabit a planet where, unbeknownst to them, the moons control every action. What remains of the Earth is confined to books. In fact, many have decided to live by the rules of those books once called fiction. But no fiction or reality rules over the Mystic. He rules by only two laws: obey his desires and obey your desires. His desires are twofold: virgins and immortality. However, the desires of his subjects are as wicked as ever known. But the Dagens, a family rooted in the old ways of society, cannot give into their desires. They cannot kill just to kill, hate just to hate, destroy just to destroy. Yet if society is to become what it once was, the Dagens must destroy freedom and place chains around those who no longer wish to be chained.

12 – Bann

“I shouldn’t listen to this silliness,” Father Tillicum said, tightening his white-and-yellow cassock. “I am now the head priest. God and the Mystic alone will judge me.”

“You owe me your life,” Bann said. Father Panis lay dead in a pool of blood and tears because of what Bann had done.

“I owe you no such thing.” Father Tillicum puckered his lips. “Your words did not save me.”

Two teenage boys passed them in the hall. Each adolescent held a spear with a baby skewered on it. One of Arkin’s favorite games that had now become a favorite to all. The Mystic had invented it himself during the last minor war. Throwing children into the air and attempting to land them on weapons.  Whatever pleasure could be obtained by killing the helpless, Bann couldn’t understand. He’d been against it always.

“We misremember the past,” Bann finally said, now chest to chest with the priest. It wouldn’t be so hard to carve red eyebrows back onto the man’s face.

Overhead, a circular paper lantern blew out.

“Threats are taken very serious by God,” Father Tillicum said, and he looked to the dead lantern. “You would be smart to have God on your side.”

“What are your plans?”

“I have no plans.” Father Tillicum created distance, licked his lips. “Plans are for amateurs. Actions are for serious men. Now goodbye, sir.” Once the man turned to go, Bann grabbed his arm. “You don’t understand my intentions.”

The priest clenched his teeth. “I stand under all understanding. Now goodbye, sir.”


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