Chapter 14: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Novel: The Land Without Footprints
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Book description: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows is set in the Modern Middle Ages, the age after the ages of Earth, when humans inhabit a planet where, unbeknownst to them, the moons control every action. What remains of the Earth is confined to books. In fact, many have decided to live by the rules of those books once called fiction. But no fiction or reality rules over the Mystic. He rules by only two laws: obey his desires and obey your desires. His desires are twofold: virgins and immortality. However, the desires of his subjects are as wicked as ever known. But the Dagens, a family rooted in the old ways of society, cannot give into their desires. They cannot kill just to kill, hate just to hate, destroy just to destroy. Yet if society is to become what it once was, the Dagens must destroy freedom and place chains around those who no longer wish to be chained.

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14  – Cassandra

She’d cried enough tears for a thousand eyes. It was as if the emotions were stuck on her pupils. A hand could wipe away tears easy enough but not emotions.

“I don’t want you leaving this room until you turn back into a human.” Her father sounded concerned, but not concerned about her well-being. “When the clock strikes twelve o’clock you’ll turn back into my daughter, understand?”

Cassandra sniffled, nodded, eyed the clock. It had four hands rather than two: the gold hands counted hours of day, the silver hands counted hours of night. But how could one confine sadness to time? Feelings were feelings because they were uncontrollable.

“Life doesn’t enjoy being wept upon,” Bann said. Something other than sympathy revised his tone.

The more he talked, the more she realized he wasn’t much of a father. Or not what a father used to be anyway. Sometimes stories had evil fathers. But in the end the evil ones always died.

“This is a land of tears,” he said, and he shook her, “but your tears are pointless.”

More sadness volcanoed from her eyes. It was hard to stand. She felt like her bones had been removed, like she was a hundred percent water.

Bann shook her again. “When we constructed this world….” His voice lowered through grief. “When we constructed this world we never forecasted the consequences of total freedom. We never could’ve guessed that freedom was just as dangerously dangerous as oppression, that freedom was cloaked chaos. And now I fear this world has become the land without footprints.”

He held her tight so she couldn’t turn away.

“Anyone can do anything and no punishment is guaranteed.” To prove his point he punched her mouth, held her up so she didn’t fall. Once that might’ve been called child abuse. Now it was just a punch, just an action, face hitting hand, nothing else. “If you want to survive in this world you’ll have to put cobwebs over your heart.”

Three times, the clock struck twelve.

“The future is the past,” he said. “And we will deny neither what is gone or what is to come.”

Cassandra hadn’t a clue of what he meant.

“Don’t powder the bruises off your face, understand?” Cassandra nodded, touched her face. “Draw on more if you can. We’ll use them for my revenge. I’ll show Father Tillicum that plans aren’t just for amateurs.” The  clock went silent.   Her tears ceased, but she still wasn’t his daughter.  Why would she respect him as a daughter if he didn’t protect her like a father?

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