Chapter 18: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Novel: The Land Without Footprints
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18  – Bann

Bann relaxed against a hallway column, as a few Dancers of Paradise walked past him carrying snakes. Somebody was about to be entertained. “What do you need in order to persuade the council to vote in favor of upholding my daughter’s virginity?” Bann asked softly soft.

Father Income slipped from the other side of the column. Both his eyebrows were dyed green. His eyes were green, too. “A name can say everything, can’t it?”

“I thought it would’ve been harder to negotiate with a man without testicles,” Bann said.

“I love the feeling of watching things fall apart,” the priest said. “Besides, I never was an intimate of Father Tillicum. The man has a vice for every finger.”

Bann pulled his cloak over his head. “So you’ll help me in exchange for money?”

“You’ve misread my name, sir.”

Bann lost control of his eyebrows. They went up on their own accord. Still the price had to be paid.

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