Posted: December 22, 2013 in Poetry, Writing
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We were never



We levitated beyond

Those crumbling promises of stone

Like magicians            dancing under the cherry moon

To the howls of some beasts trapped inside a fairy tale


No stars fell into our eyes

No arrows or teeth pierced our skin

No clocks were stopped


We climbed into

An hourglass

To find our hearts

Before misplacing them

Amongst a dune

Sediments composed of

Walls, lines, masks, shrouds

Objects that could never be blown into glass


And yet we blew each other onto

The sands of matrimony

Distancing ourselves from the brewed nebulas of time

So as to swim through the primordial concoctions of intent


Whatever ocean wishes to feast upon our shores

Better not be of this Earth.

  1. jamisonam says:

    You have a distinct and beautiful way of phrasing things

  2. Liked this Benjamin…still musing on the brewed nebulas-nebulae? N’importe-as the French would say 🙂 AM

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