Chapter 26: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Novel: The Land Without Footprints, Writing
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Here, is the 26th chapter from my fantasy novel The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows (Sweatshoppe Publications, 2013). You can find the first 25 chapters as a free excerpt on the above page marked: The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows (A 25 Chapter Novel Preview)

26 – Bann

“I want this dildo banned.” Arkin walked the halls as if he were a storm. A few paper lanterns blew out as he passed them.

“But we don’t prohibit anything, Your Grace.” Father Tillicum jammed the sex toy into his cassock’s pocket.

Arkin knocked over a woman carrying a pewter tray. Only Bann helped the servant back to her feet. Then he hurried to catch back up with the Mystic and priest.

“Ban it everywhere, you nitwit, even where it would be allowed illegally. Already I have to fight other men for virginity. I will not fight a toy, as well.”

At the end of the hall, they turned the corner.

“Bans will lead to further bans,” Father Tillicum said. “And riots.”

Arkin stopped, poked the priest in the forehead. “I’ll put down the riot with a riot of my own.”

A frown grew on the priest’s face and he rubbed his head. “You intend to bring back laws?”

“One law.” Down the hall Arkin walked again.

“One law will lead to more laws,” Father Tillicum said, nearly out of breath.

“No one will make laws but me, you nitwit. Now ban the dildo.” A loud gulp sounded in the priest’s throat.

“I’ll ban it,” Bann said.

Father Tillicum raised his voice: “But only the priesthood can make laws.”

“Then I’ll be a priest.” It was the only decision to make. He knew his old self had to be sent to the grave.

“What is this silliness?” Father Tillicum sounded like he’d swallowed a nest of wasps.


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