If You’re Reading This

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Poetry
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Will you marry me?

  1. haddyism says:

    Are you asking, me?

  2. bejamin4 says:

    :). You are reading this or were … so, yes, the writing is asking you…. Me, on the other hand, was looking for a certain you; and she hasn’t said yes or no yet :(.

  3. haddyism says:


  4. I wonder if anyone has ever proposed on a blog like this for real and the proposee (?) actually said yes. That’d be a cool story.

  5. Are you going to get married online too, then? Because I don’t think that would be as cool. πŸ™‚ And she said yes! …nice…

  6. bejamin4 says:

    Thanks. No online marriage probably. But who knows … the world is changing.

  7. i hope that day never comes…and let me guess, honeymoon on Skype?

  8. bejamin4 says:

    It will come. Everything comes.

  9. F.G.M. says:

    mmm interesting question – here I understand “to marry” as “to agree”, or “will you be touched by my question”, as a poet, I infer that your question is a metaphorical question – If you read me, will you be touched by my words… or more precisely “will you agree to be touched by my question” – yes, it is exacly the way I understand your poem – So, I answer YES πŸ™‚ – not sure that was your first intent, but readers have always their own interpretation…

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