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Posted: February 24, 2014 in Poetry
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I like: cartoons cooties love jobs YOU
I want: toys kisses sex YOU
I love: Kyle Chris Jamie Taylor Jordan Casey Jesse Peyton Stacey YOU
I need: mother’s milk braces glasses alcohol sleep money YOU
I believe in: Santa Claus the tooth fairy God Me You

My Zero

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Poetry
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The one
You are not
I have found “the one” several times before
And no longer are they my ones
But the ones of another

(I refuse to spend any more time climbing ladders, jumping trains, or swimming through puddles of my own tears in search of “a one” who often evaporates into no one. Therefore, the next one will not be.)

The one
You are not
But my zero

I will bring the scent of many before you’s
Women on my hips
In my beard
In my hair
In my mouth
Between my thighs and my fingers
Yes, an ocean of jealous females
Will come

But when I multiply them
By you
They will be nothing

Building Love

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Poetry
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Through the windows of your face
I see two leaning towers
Which can only be supported by my column

We speak not the language of love
But rather a tower of babble
Which can only be deciphered on the walls of your pyramid

How did we build a castle of love so weighty in its weightlessness?
Will we walk these doorless corridors forever?
Should we be the tomb or the temple?

Dragons rule this world                                             I wanna be left for heaven

And monkeys dance after them                                  Alone

Monkeys in underpants                                             I wanna watch

As if high on play-doh                                               You scramble your eggs

And there are no Captain Planets                               Drinking your sweet milk

So in time this atmosphere will turn us all                   Inside out

Yellow                                                                     A crimson

Blue                                                                       Clover

Green                                                                    I wanna be left to watch

Babies blown to smithereens                                    From heaven

“But sticks and stones won’t hurt us people of plastic,” the believers say.

And the philosophers say, “If you’re made of plastic you’re just gonna melt.”

Now all over the globe

Governments ban Beauty and the Beast

For bestiality

And little girls are convulsing from kissing frogs

That stay frogs when kissed

And opening the child’s window

In the middle of the night

Peter Pan plays pedophile

While the gods watch

                                                                                If there’s a heaven

I’d Like To Know

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Poetry
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Am I the only wood

In your forest?

Am I the only boat

Docked at your pier?

Am I the only Jack

Going up your hills?

Am I the only traveler

To the regions of nether?

Is your body

A never never land to others?

140 syllables

Don’t be someone else’s evening

Be my morning

Let us kiss each other with these arrows

So we can love

48 hours a day

14 days a week

104 weeks a year




If you won’t be mine

Tell me before we kiss with these arrows

Because if you won’t be mine

There are other uses for these arrows

So that you won’t be someone else’s either.

   For My Father

I eat too much just like you
I sing out of key just like you
I cry invisible tears just like you
I say I love you as rarely as you
I break walls and slam doors too


I’ll practice
Being nothing like you

So unlike you