Taboo In Songs? … “When You Were Mine”

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Taboo in the News
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RatedRnB-Dirty_MindDirty Mind (1980)

Prince’s “When You Were Mine” details the problems of love. In the song he gives his girlfriend time, money, clothes, and freedom in exchange for “wrongs.” The discussed woman sleeps with Prince’s friends yet doesn’t “change the sheets” afterward and allows another man to sleep between the two of them at night.

“I know you’re going with another guy, / but I don’t care,” Prince sings in his scratchy falsetto, although he clearly does as he states it all felt like a “dream”, which implies he couldn’t believe the situation even though he consented to it and made no “fuss”.

By the end of the song it is clear that the woman has left Prince for another man. Nevertheless, he claims that he loves the woman more now than he ever did before.

This song arouses these questions: Is this a taboo relationship? What are the boundaries of love? Should love have limits?



  1. The only limits in love should be those already regulated by law; incest and pedophilia. Anything between consenting adults, done behind closed doors, is private and confidential. Why would anyone want to intrude in another’s bedroom? ~ Dennis

  2. bejamin4 says:

    Very true. I like your question. Thanks for the comments.

  3. F.G.M. says:

    A very interesting question! The boundaries of love, in my opinion, are love itself. It is the reason why God keeps silent – the French philosopher Simone Weil has written about “l’absence de Dieu” – because He loves us, He has accepted to “limit” or to “reduce” His almightiness and to let us “exist”. In other words, we are His boundaries… it is a very deep and spiritual concept. As for “terrestrial” love, well, the problem is moral, I would agree with Dennis’ comment. But love is neither space nor time, so the words “boundary” or “limit” may be unappropriate… ah I must stop now, I really enjoy the questions you ask… and make your reader think. Great work Benjamin, thank you 🙂

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