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Gravity will not keep my head out of the clouds57

Writer’s Block is what it will take58

To stop me from spreading The Truth59

I’m not a King of Anything60

I’m not asking for Sex With My Coffee61

And I have no Crystal Ball62

But I know Nothing Lasts Forever63

Know the Beauty of Uncertainty64

Know life was better in 199965


You don’t need a Kaleidoscope Heart66

To recognize you’ll never get to Heaven67

Through a Sea of Monsters68



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Ashes to Ashes51

Wild Is the Wind52


Where the Streets Have No Name53

Now lay Cut Up Angels54


The Morning Papers55

Would love this Sad News:56

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now56(B)



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Children of the Revolution37

I know A Thousand Words38

Not of Planet Earth39

That is why my IQ is higher than

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk40


Let’s Work on the next Renaissance41

Even if it takes Many Shades of Black42

Imaginary Love43

A Gay Messiah44

Throwing Stones45

Exit Wounds46


Sunday we will make Holes to Heaven47

Good People will start Traffic in the Sky48

While the rest wait for the Monsoon49



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These Are The Days22

Elephants & Flowers23

Should Rule The World24

Not the 725


Better That We Brake26

Rather than Rehab27

Slow Like Honey28


And Nobody’s Off The Hook29

Not a single Citizen of the Planet30


We deserve whatever Versions of Violence31

You choose32

As The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)33


If You Ever Come Back34

Bring more than The Flood35

Black Out the Sun36



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The Garden was turned to Fragments of Fragments15

But How Did It Come To This?16


We can’t even Count the Days17

Of The Things We Never Did18

They Go On and on19

And yet we talk about Love Love20


But what about the 4 Seasons of Loneliness we all must endure?21



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 It Is Scary7

After all this Borrowed Time8

All these Trying Times9

Change is still In The Closet10

Love is still about Pretty Things11

Heaven is still only Between My Legs12


How Do You Sleep13

While We Cry14




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 Hallow Men we’ve become2

But When We Were Young3

Weren’t we told that we all were Supposed To Grow Old?4

Aren’t we tired of feeling like Autumn Leaves?5

How low will we go until We All Fall Down?6


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