Spontaneous Labor

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Poetry
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Warm sea
Menstruation ceased
Increasing                  entropy
Best isolation there can be
Sun’s rebirth
Conscious breathing
Labored pace
Foggy breaths
Exchange air
Moments without care

Relaxed clocks
Words exempt

Echoed sounds
Chemical walls
Ascending cells

Sluggish forms
Sinking below
The surface of

  1. caliroe says:

    Wow! such visual, sensual beauty in the form of the poem
    and such visual, sensual beauty in the emotion of the poem.

  2. esalyesi says:

    This is beautiful.

  3. Miranda Stone says:

    You’re on a roll, Benjamin! Strong words here: emancipate, detach, relaxed. They give the poem a lot of impact. I often wonder how other poets such as yourself manage to write a large volume of excellent poetry in a short time. I feel like I’m lucky to write one decent poem a week. 😛

    • bejamin4 says:

      Thanks. I don’t know if I consider myself prolific yet. I hope I can get there, though. I think I get very lazy when it comes to writing sometimes. I’m trying to avoid that this year. Thanks again. 1 decent poem a week is a good amount of decent poems for a year.

      • Miranda Stone says:

        Well, I guess I shouldn’t really be the judge as to whether they’re decent or not! I know how you feel, though. I get lazy sometimes, too. In fact, today is the first time in a while I’ve really buckled down and worked on my fiction. I can’t put it off for too long, though, since it’s what keeps me sane.

      • bejamin4 says:

        I understand. I’ve been working well with my poetry right now but not with my fiction. I stopped in the middle of a novel but I’ve been trying to get back at it and I hope I will soon. Good luck with getting back to your fiction writing.

  4. I’ve always loved this poem…. Sluggish forms / sink below / the surface of love. That’s my favorite part. As always, wonderful images and lovely meanings.

  5. Stunning images, I really like ‘relaxed clocks’. Also the construction of your poem is very striking.

  6. Pua Nani says:

    There is a lot of ambiguity here, I had to read it a few times, for me it summons the sadness of aging like the feelings one experiences when visiting a nursing home. Evocative language

    • bejamin4 says:

      Thanks. I definitely think of this one with a sad tone as well. I think when I wrote it, I though of numerous ideas of what it might be about. I guess I’m still not fully sure what it all means. I guess it really was spontaneous in many ways. Thanks for reading and leaving some extra words. I like your interpretation.

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