Updating Salvation: A Collection Of Song Titles (2 of 8)

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Poetry
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 Hallow Men we’ve become2

But When We Were Young3

Weren’t we told that we all were Supposed To Grow Old?4

Aren’t we tired of feeling like Autumn Leaves?5

How low will we go until We All Fall Down?6


2 Justin Nozuka. “Hallow Men.” You I Wind Land and Sea. Glassnote Records, 2010. CD.

3 Take That. “When We Were Young.” Progressed. Polydor, 2011. CD.

4 Justin Nozuka. “Supposed to Grow Old.” Holly. Glassnote Records, 2008. CD.

5 Ed Sheeran. “Autumn Leaves.” +. Atlantic, 2011. CD.

6 Take That. “We All Fall Down.” Beautiful World: Tour Souvenir Edition. Polydor, 2007. CD.

  1. Miranda Stone says:

    I love this series, Benjamin, the way you’re able to craft poetry out of song titles. Very creative! Looking forward to reading the next one.

  2. Phen Weston says:

    Wow. Awesome. I really like how you entwine the titles. I love “Hallow Men we’ve become”, such an emotive line. You cover the idea of how life feels like “autumn leaves” compared to how it is portrayed to us as children very well, and it is very true. Life does seem that way at times.

  3. I really like your experimental approach to poetry. Keep it coming!

  4. livingintheheartland says:

    Very interesting constructions. I’m going to need think on this a while, maybe I’ll try one of my own. Thank you for sharing something that is both old and new 🙂

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