Updating Salvation: A Collection Of Song Titles (3 of 8)

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Poetry
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 It Is Scary7

After all this Borrowed Time8

All these Trying Times9

Change is still In The Closet10

Love is still about Pretty Things11

Heaven is still only Between My Legs12


How Do You Sleep13

While We Cry14




7 Michael Jackson. “It Is Scary.” Blood on the Dancefloor: History in the Mix. Epic, MJJProductions, 2007. CD.

8 John Lennon. “Borrowed Time.” Milk and Honey (reissue). Capitol, 2001. CD.

9 Boyz II Men. “Trying Times.” II. Motown, 1994. CD.

10 Michael Jackson. “In the Closet.” Dangerous.Epic, 1991. CD.

11 Take That. “Pretty Things.” Progress. Polydor, 2010. CD.

12 Rufus Wainwright. “Between My Legs.” Release the Stars. Geffen, 2007. CD.

13 Jesse McCartney. “How Do You Sleep?” Departure. Hollywood, 2008. CD.

14 The Script. “We Cry.” The Script. Phonogenic Records, 2008. CD.

  1. “Change is still in The Closet” … love that line. And you’re right, it is scary. Loving this series of poems.

  2. Not sure if this is common- using song titles- I’ve never seen it. You and your creative genius don’t mess around do they! Great stuff!

  3. Phen Weston says:

    I really love the lineS ” after all this borrowed time / all these trying times”. Really gives the poem a ephemeral feel. I’m enjoying the use of son titles. Looking forward to the next XD

  4. Miranda Stone says:

    Powerful stuff, Benjamin! I don’t consider myself an experimental writer, so I love seeing how you work with various nontraditional forms of poetry.

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