Updating Salvation: A Collection Of Song Titles (6 of 8)

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Poetry
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Children of the Revolution37

I know A Thousand Words38

Not of Planet Earth39

That is why my IQ is higher than

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk40


Let’s Work on the next Renaissance41

Even if it takes Many Shades of Black42

Imaginary Love43

A Gay Messiah44

Throwing Stones45

Exit Wounds46


Sunday we will make Holes to Heaven47

Good People will start Traffic in the Sky48

While the rest wait for the Monsoon49



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  1. Miranda Stone says:

    This one has a bit of a surreal feel to it, at least to me. That second stanza is particularly evocative. (And not only are you a talented experimental poet, but you have great taste in music, too.) I hope you consider another series like this in the future, Benjamin.

  2. Phen Weston says:

    Great opening stanza. You’ve really managed to make song titles into a very creative and enjoyable form of poetry. Very inspiring.

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