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Posted: April 14, 2014 in Poetry
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Love means too much to be compressed into four letters
Letters mean more when they go undiscovered
Undiscovered is God
God is the most common name used in bed
Bed is where the future is created
Created things don’t last long
Long is the length of yesterday
Yesterday was the last time I loved you
You lean on me like you’re made of honey
Honey is no substitute for glue
Glue cannot hold emotions together
Together is synonymous with apart
Apart we will only find shadows
Shadows hold in place our love

A word to the wise
Children are the future
But still nothing separates men from boys
Or women from girls

How does life go from bad to worse when it’s always been worse?
We’ve all been living under this glass ceiling
Every man for himself: the National Pledge of Allegiance

I never use numbers to count the blessings
There are no blessings to count
Fools rush in but they also rush out
“And I know that’s a gun
You’re never happy to see me”

I’ve given up on heaven                       so                       lately I’ve been hoping to hell
That life’s a bitch only up until you die

Do we leave hearts home when we go out?
Wait until the day we’ll have to cry a river just to get something to drink

We waste each other’s time with words
When the meaning of life could be answered with four letters


I feel like I’m talking to hands
With all the emptiness these heads contain

How can we see eye-to-eye when we are all
not the same
Drop those bombs and we will all walk on air

The Silent Poem

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Poetry
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I am neither all
Nor right

Neither whole
Nor some

Neither extra
Nor ordinary

Neither A
Nor OK


I am not
And bad

Am no
And where?

Am down
And cast

Am fault
And less

Am un
And finished