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Our love was a balloon
Expanding, until it popped

Our love is a dinosaur
Nothing more than a remnant

Our love could’ve been rare
Had it outlasted a kiss

Our love would’ve been perfect
Had it not been composed of us

Our love should’ve been enough
But it wasn’t, was it?


Posted: June 30, 2014 in Poetry
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I found myself
When I lost you

I could only float
Through so many
Dreams and lies

Before I forgot
How to swim and

I know this woman
Who lives within herself
She has no job
Other than the collection of hearts

She could fix one
With just a touch
But she prefers to shatter them
Into fragments with her hammer of wants

When she grows tired
Of the pursuit of happiness
She’ll steal a heart away
With her dance of lust

I know this woman
Who lives by herself
Not even a beat
Sits in her chest
Years ago desire
Burned it up.

The bye never is

The wave alone
Puts waves in my eyes

Will this be a parting?


Will this be an end?

The bye never is

I wish only to say goodbye
To goodbye.

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Posted: June 18, 2014 in Poetry
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Lust is a rough want
We need it like a dead love



Tony Gwynn was a Hall of Fame baseball player (2007) that played from 1982-2001. His nicknames consisted of Mr. Padre—for he was one of the best San Diego Padres ever—and also Captain Video, because he was known to watch all his plate appearances on videotape, which at the time was virtually unheard of:

“Gwynn, whose nickname was Captain Video, was baseball’s jolliest supervillain dork: famously friendly, with multiple lairs. His first lair was his house, replete with his own personal 1980s YouTube. He had every single one of his plate appearances on videotape, and days’ worth of tape documenting the delivery of every pitcher he might ever face. These weren’t VHS tapes. They were smaller, about the size of audiocassettes, and could be paused and deconstructed on a frame-by-frame basis with more reliability.”[1]

Gwynn used this “lair” to perfection. For his career he batted .338, only second to Ted Williams .344 since 1939. Now almost every baseball player and team uses footage to improve statistics across the board. We have Gwynn to thank for making baseball a better game, a more scientific game.

Breakdown: Don’t be afraid to do what nobody else is doing. It might seem out of place at the time, but one day it might be looked back upon as ahead of its time. Isn’t that where you want to be, ahead of time?


[1] Jon Bois, Tony Gwynn, baseball scientist, has died, (2014).


Posted: June 9, 2014 in Poetry
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The story of stories:
An unknown beginning
An unquestionable end.