Was, Is, Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Poetry
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Our love was a balloon
Expanding, until it popped

Our love is a dinosaur
Nothing more than a remnant

Our love could’ve been rare
Had it outlasted a kiss

Our love would’ve been perfect
Had it not been composed of us

Our love should’ve been enough
But it wasn’t, was it?

  1. Fantastic. I love it!

  2. Pua Nani says:

    Exactly how I feel today, well put.

  3. Miranda Stone says:

    I think many readers will relate to the sentiments expressed in this poem. Most of us have been part of a relationship that could have been fantastic but fell short. And though we know better, we can’t help but long for it just a bit, even now, can we? Or maybe that’s just me. Another great poem, Benjamin.

    • bejamin4 says:

      Thanks. I agree. We all long for the past, but we shouldn’t long for it so much that it puts our futures in the grave. Some relationships are meant to be fantastic for only a brief moment, I think. Second chances are given to few.

  4. Very clever, well done. 🙂

  5. mfitz says:

    well-crafted, I love the line about the perfection “had it not been composed of us”….very nice piece!

  6. Sometimes, it just isn’t.

    Just taking a few minutes to cruise your poetry. 🙂 Lovely. You are so talented, Benjamin.

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