Beyond The Flames

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Collaborative Poetry, Poetry
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I can’t remember the last
birthday that was happy
or the last drink that
was spurred
by elation.

Every year
there is a greater weight to
these smoky wishes and
a fear
that I should
this wine into water.

I am thirsty for a love
and remembering the last
time I held my beloved
in these vacant arms
is beyond memory.

Every year
I place this lofty notion
upon the fiery sticks
of promise
am I a fool
for wetting my lips?

I close my eyes and
one by one
the artificial suns

I’m alone
with your words
wrapped around me
the pressure of
every sonnet and psalm ever written
but when I open my eyes
you are like the light.


© jadedmess 2014 & © thebreakdownoftaboo 2014

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and jadedmess: Make sure and check out her blog here.)

  1. Phen Weston says:

    Great collaboration. Full of emotion. I especially love the fourth stanza 🙂

  2. redgladiola says:

    I also struggle getting older but perhaps not for the same reasons. A honest poem.

  3. This poem makes me 😦 … especially the end. Wonderful collaboration.

  4. So much longing and aching in this poem. I identify with words wrapping. Sadly, these poems are often my favorites. Not really sadly, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  5. Pua Nani says:

    wow, the end gave me chills

  6. jadedmess says:

    Ben, you are a real pleasure to work with!!! Your talent inspires me my friend ❤

  7. Ana says:

    Beautiful, haunting poem, pregnant with desolation, that begged for a second reading and a reading aloud. Inspiring! Thank you

  8. Miranda Stone says:

    That first stanza really hits home. I think so many of us feel like that as we get older.

  9. Lex Garcia says:

    How very lovely and so heart-haunting… This is really beautiful.

  10. A lovely collaboration 🙂

  11. Still talented as ever and can tell these colaborations have breathed some new life into you. Great stuff amigo.

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