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Come Around

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Poetry
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So you don’t have to wonder
I wrote these words while inside of you
And like Atlas a world was above me
Though not held on my shoulders
But rather atop my thighs

And unlike the world we now spin on
That land was all moan and flesh
Those mountains were soft and not rough
Those waves were pink and not blue

Do you think Noah could’ve
Overcome this ocean cascading from the sky?
Am I stupid or smart for wishing
Your storm upon me everyday?

So you don’t have to wonder
I would drown every day
Just to see you come

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Three Line Thursday

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Poetry
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This week I will be a special guest judge for Three Line Thursday, so make sure to send your best three lines by midnight tonight!

For details on how to submit and what to do make sure to check out: Three Line Thursday and Challenge Rules

Good luck!

By Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley

The scenes written
in sidewalk chalk
scribble down thoughts,
melting away with
each new rain
and mimicking
the memories that rot,
the ones that hunt me
on and off

At times I am less
blood and bone
and more feelings upon feelings,
stacked in such a way that my core
will fall no matter my next move,
like a misplayed Jenga tower

My mind reels in
like it has been cast
into the deepest waters,
baited and weighted
for the next big catch
and release

As I stand on the ledge
Of a question, wondering:
Is it possible to lure oneself
out of oneself?

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and CMRSYK1985: Make sure and check out his blog by visiting The Brown Bag Special.)

Love is love
When the blood
Dances to your heart
Frolicking flippantly
With my tender emotions
Right from the start

My love is a target
Lined up in crosshairs
Goalposts ever moving
Nimbus-emotions brooding
Catching me unawares
We speak a foreign language
Only we understand
Vulnerable feelings
handed over with trust
Remembered dalliances
Unquenchably combust
With allure and healing

Love is the danger of the unknown
Or the warm soft pillow
We rest our heads on at night
Love is the tender touch
Erasing life’s bitter tears
And the kiss that forever sears
Love is fluid motion
Waves ever tumbling
Toward passion’s shore
Swirling sensibilities
That beckon for more

Together, we set out
Our sailboat follows the wind
Love is a tangle
Of nothing simple
And still often
We write our love
On each-other’s hearts
Not caring if the word is misspelled
Yet, clinging to the reaction
We’ve all sought to receive
Lover’s voyage, lives and breathes

By Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley and Hastywords and Lizzi R. and Helena Hann-Basquiat and jadedmess and Phen Weston and Marissa Bergen and Dana Glover and BruisedBelly and Kelly Lewis and August MacGregor and Johnny Ojanpera and DiAnne Ebejer and Audrey Dawn

Make sure to visit, and follow these blogs by clicking the names above. This poem was a collaborative effort by the above fifteen poets where each wrote two to three lines in the poem. The names appear in order of their lines appearing in the poem. Thanks again for everyone who made this possible!

I fell for you
When I should have
Stood up to you

Hi, WordPress Community

I thought it would be fun to create a massive collaborative piece to be put on Valentine’s Day with as many poets as possible from the WordPress community, in part because I’ve loved collaborating with so many of you already, but also because WordPress is full of so many great poets with great ways of using words.

If you’re up for offering two to three lines to this poem, please email me at:

and I will send you the most up to date version as of now and a few more details.

with thanks,
the breakdown….

Sight Beyond Sight

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Collaborative Poetry, Poetry
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By Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley

divides eyes
unwilling to
unwind the

is some
before in
the soon after
though vision
may not

is just half
of what we need
if new days
are to

a time
before we
could ever see
the things that
make us

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and CMRSYK1985: Make sure and check out his blog by visiting The Brown Bag Special.)