An Unromantic Tercet

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Collaborative Poetry, Poetry
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I fell for you
When I should have
Stood up to you

  1. Don’t we all know the feeling.

  2. I’m so familiar with this that I feel like I wrote this πŸ˜‰

  3. This is really well done! πŸ™‚

  4. cmrsyk1985 says:

    Cool! Love the 4, 4, 4…you’re making me want to write more Haiku!

  5. This is so sad. And I totally get it. Hugs. Hope your Friday brings joy, Benjamin. xx

  6. The most handsome and strong gift that one receives is poetry. When that happens Valentine’s Day, it’s great.

  7. kirsten says:

    Straight to heart of the matter! I like poetry written like that! You did a wonderful job in such a few amount of words.

  8. revengestar says:

    You say that is a blog about taboos, although it gives me off a haiku collection feeling. Not that i am complaining, you got some serious talent there. Just saying.

    • bejamin4 says:

      Thanks so much for commenting. It’s both taboo and writing; but the taboo broke through and writing has taken over. Hope to see you back! Have a great week!

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