Posted: August 7, 2015 in Poetry
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I have no words
For that word
Only broken images:
Burned bridges
Fallen trees
Slanted flowers
Clouded light


  1. narmeenparsa says:

    – Good days will come too.

  2. Missed you around the blogosphere. Nice to know you still have some beautiful words to share

  3. I love the progression of this poem. Burned bridges are pretty much ruined and can’t really lead to anywhere. Fallen trees can be repurposed and transformed. Slanted flowers at least still look pretty even though they are dying, and with a little light, love, and water they can come back to life, or at least return again the following year. And behind the clouded light is pure light, and clouds are always moving, always parting. Hang in there ❀

  4. Phen Weston says:

    Ahh! Ben! Another wonderful poem!! Such a beautiful image you paint with broken images and perfect words. I’ve missed your voice. I hope you are back, my friend… And now you’ve just inspired something too!

  5. Nicholas Gagnier says:


  6. And through it all writers keep writing. Beautiful:-) Blessings Benjamin.

  7. heartache penned beautifully as always πŸ™‚

  8. redgladiola says:

    Those images fittingly evoke what might otherwise not be accurately captured. Lovely.

  9. lostsoul62 says:

    Loved it 😊 well said

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