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Does somebody up there hate me
for turning your dew into honey?
for tasting despite the drought?

Does somebody up there hate you
for stirring my clouds into rainbows?
for defying the darkness that shadows?

Does somebody up there hate us
for replacing tears with stars?
for impregnating happiness?
for building a fire around our arctic hearts?
for sampling the sweetness of love?

© jadedmess 2014 & © thebreakdownoftaboo 2014

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and jadedmess: Make sure and check out her blog here.)


Once the sky falls asleep

I have this constant fear of looking up

Afraid the stars may be released upon my head


Tears never fall in space

But it’s never been the tears that made us sad


Though words will never hurt me

My words will get me hurt


In order to love like nature intended do we need three hearts?

Five eyes to see the world we’ve all created?


Sometimes I have this nightmare that I’m dumber than a banana

Why are there more than a 1,000 ways to die but only half as many ways to love?


I’m always comforted by this dream where God says:

“You weren’t a mistake

The Dinosaurs were.”

The Mind-Killer

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Poetry
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Bring your weapons

Kick me where the sun

Shines and where it doesn’t

Abuse me with sticks and stones

Or wound me with harms

Harsher than those aforementioned words

Bend me in ways the wind cannot blow

Crash over me with the weight of a wave from the River Styx

Take me into the light and blow the candles out

Turn me into the horizon



Bring your weapons

I’ll bring my lips

And a mouth full of eight letters

You were a flower
I was concrete
Yet with each petal plucked
My walls turned into some substance that could be cut with scissors

You were supposed to be paper
A delicate thing I could crumble
I was supposed to be a rock
Forged from the hard and harder

But you weren’t a flower
And I wasn’t concrete
You were the sheet
That covered me