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I fell in love
Not with you
But with your lies

I watched you
Not as if you were
A human being
But a television
Eagerly anticipating
Your next episode

You were a master
Of tricks and tantrums
Yet a novice with deception

Still you lied and lied
Like you were the
Reincarnation of Pinocchio

I told one white lie
And my soul feels
Darker than the inside
Of a chimney

How are you not
A pile of soot
From all the smoke
You blew my way?

Oh, la Pinocchia
Teach me how to lie
And feel good about it


“A man is not made for defeat […] a man can be destroyed but not defeated.” – Ernest Hemingway (The Old Man and the Sea)

Those obese lies

Disguised in love

Left my ticker

Set to explode

Into what it was

Before it existed

Yet even the skinniest leftover

Will regenerate it.