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S. (A Poem At First Sight)

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Poetry
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You have the kind of smile
That makes blush blush
Your lips are as soft as
The petals of my heart (She loves me? She loves me not?)
Your eyes are like
A sunrise of dreams
And your curves are
The steps to  lust love forever  more


The Desk Or The Bed?

Posted: December 6, 2014 in Poetry
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There once was an old fool
Who insisted on wearing a crown
Projecting feelings onto others
That only made others frown

That fool had a friend
Who was nearer to a boy
An uncrowned fool himself for allowing
This old fool to treat him like a toy

As an example
When it came to old flames
The older fool always said
“It is more proper to undress and share a bed with an ex than to be dressed and share a desk. Ask anyone and they will agree.”
And that was what the older fool did
And for too long this fool-boy did agree

Or at least he was tricked into thinking so
Tricked into thinking that there was
No difference between the L’s used
That “I love you” was the same as “I Lust You”