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1. Love = [Inner Beauty + Self-knowledge + Reflection]Mind + (Honesty × Compassion × Loyalty)Trust + (Cooperation × Continuity) − Hatred(Emotional + Physical)

2. Love = Inner Beauty of Mind +  Self-knowledge of Mind + Reflection of Mind + Honesty-Compassion-Loyalty of Trust + Cooperative Continuity – Emotional Hatred + Physical Hatred

3. Love = Inner Beauty of Mind + Cooperative (Trust + Continuity) – Hatred

This is my developing Love Formula, but what is your Love Formula? I loved for you to share it with me.


Accidental Chances

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Poetry
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Twice upon a time
is not how I want
our story to begin
so don’t try
and reconnect the pieces
of our souls if they
end up like Humpty Dumpties.

Ninety times
out of ten
I love you but
whatever happens
is meant to be
so just make sure
you don’t
screw it up 🙂
for you or
for me.

(This poem is a collaborative effort between myself and Haddyism. Make sure to check out her unique blog Haddyism: Haddy and her Isms.)

My Zero

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Poetry
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The one
You are not
I have found “the one” several times before
And no longer are they my ones
But the ones of another

(I refuse to spend any more time climbing ladders, jumping trains, or swimming through puddles of my own tears in search of “a one” who often evaporates into no one. Therefore, the next one will not be.)

The one
You are not
But my zero

I will bring the scent of many before you’s
Women on my hips
In my beard
In my hair
In my mouth
Between my thighs and my fingers
Yes, an ocean of jealous females
Will come

But when I multiply them
By you
They will be nothing