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By Benjamin Grossman and Christopher Rupley

Seasons thoroughly
swindle time from my
hourglass existence,
fusing grains
into glass,
adding more to
what isn’t
than to what is,
forcing a wry
smile from my face
as I daydream of
their mortality

Every now and again
I think to shatter the
but to what end?
Can the bones of time ever
truly be broken?

Can the timeless be
taught my pain?
Can the future forgive
the past?

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and CMRSYK1985: Make sure and check out his blog by visiting The Brown Bag Special.)


By Benjamin Grossman, Phen Weston, and Christopher Rupley

What is between the in-between?
What is over the over?
What is under the under?
What is after the after?

Destination manifests
conjuring a chorus of ifs-and-buts,
between the heliac helix,

Of toppled thoughts,
precepts reverberating,
smelted in the ore
of my mind,
pressed and hammered,
beaten and shaped into

An anorexic tomorrow,
a today that when leeched
bleeds weeping yesterdays,
leaping away from logic

Where esoteric divergence
becomes the hardened
sentiment of forgetting,
the apocalyptic self doubt,

And every thought that
steeps inside and out
leads me to
lean towards an absurdity
of consciousness,
to know that there is One
between the in-between,
over the over,
under the under,
and after the after
in my mind….

(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself, Phen Weston and CMRSYK1985: Make sure and check out their blogs by visiting and The Brown Bag Special.)

for I would rather
Ink be on my hands
Than blood and
I’ve cried enough tears
To rescue a land from drought and … now
I’ve reached the point in my life
Where I only want to have fun
So yes, maybe I’m not a boy
And maybe I never was

1. Love = [Inner Beauty + Self-knowledge + Reflection]Mind + (Honesty × Compassion × Loyalty)Trust + (Cooperation × Continuity) − Hatred(Emotional + Physical)

2. Love = Inner Beauty of Mind +  Self-knowledge of Mind + Reflection of Mind + Honesty-Compassion-Loyalty of Trust + Cooperative Continuity – Emotional Hatred + Physical Hatred

3. Love = Inner Beauty of Mind + Cooperative (Trust + Continuity) – Hatred

This is my developing Love Formula, but what is your Love Formula? I loved for you to share it with me.

So maybe there is some limit to love. Or at least some limit to who you can love, some sort of unwritten law of love, dictating what is and isn’t allowed. Though who made this law? And when and where was it made? How can we know what we’ve never seen?

Perhaps certain invisible laws are scribbled on our hearts the moment we enter this world. Perhaps this is the reason for the distinction between good and evil, between love and hate. At the center of death there is life, precisely the life of death, but is there really good at the center of evil, love at the center of hate?

I don’t think lying is something that you can just love. And I don’t think there is truth at the center of lying. We can never birth a truth from a lie, no matter what we think. (Though if you ask me tomorrow I might say the opposite.)

Almost I entitled this post #justdon’tlove, but decided against it. If there is anything in life that we deserve it is love. Everyone deserves to be loved and to give love to others. And even if we don’t agree with something or like something, it doesn’t mean that we have to hate it. Instead of hating, we should like-without-liking, love-without-loving. That is to say, we can love all things without being “in love” with them.

This “amazing woman” that I wrote about before is worth loving. I know this from the dregs of my soul. But the dregs of her soul doesn’t believe I’m worth loving. Still, she is no less amazing because she won’t be my girlfriend or my wife. In many ways she is even more amazing in how she treated me when I told her the truth of my deception.

Without describing the exact details, she basically told me how sweet and cute and charming she thinks I am and jokingly that she didn’t need another son. Of course, she said that the right woman is waiting out there for me (namely a younger woman). Though I can’t help but think she might have been the woman.

Looking back, I don’t really know what I was thinking when I wrote about this on my blog, but I’m tired of regretting things, at least for now. Thanks for the advice everyone!

For now, back to the half-light to glue back together my fractured heart.

#don’tjustlove  #justlove

Hell is not other people
Hell is wherever she is
Hell is only her

It was a simple task to forget you:
I simply remembered you.