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Those who blush will never break taboos. And neither will those whose heads lower at the thought of shame. But those who don’t go red in the face from wearing what nobody else would wear will knock taboos over as if they were made of crumbling substances. And rebels will break things, too, and criminals as well, even if they aren’t criminals at all but rather just the changers, the innovators, the first walkers on untrodden ground. Although the laughers will not break taboos, those who are laughed at might have already broken many of them.

Lovers similarly have a tendency to leap over restrictions, love even more so. Remember love doesn’t just choose us; it strangles right and wrong out of us instead of air, it cripples our minds, making us do what others say not to. Love whispers sweet defiance into our ears, tells us to be the next Romeo and Juliet, to be the next Adam and Eve. Love may even make you forget that some loves are forbidden.

But believers will pray for a host of unbroken things. Conformists will ask for conformity, unaware that the established practices today were once unestablished. Yet the future won’t believe in anything, won’t conform to anything other than change. Yes, the future will wear change for clothes; it will push                                                                                   boundaries
Somewhere they have never been pushed before so that even the past may be revised until it is a past nobody can forget.

Artists will help transform this. Many will erase structures and paint other structures in its place. And the new becomes old, waiting to copulate with another new, which will again become old after it births another new. And at some point, all taboo breakers will no longer be breakers but rather makers of what we consider common.